Webinar: The four counterintuitive truths of successful manager coaching

I’m running a useful webinar on Thursday at 8am Eastern. Sign up here if you’re curious. Here’s the blurb

Coaching is an essential part of most learning and development strategies – people and organizations flourish when managers have good coaching skills. But how can you ensure those managers are coaching as best they can? It’s one thing to send your managers on a coach training program. It’s another thing entirely to have them use and practice those skills on a daily basis. In this provocative, useful webinar, Michael Bungay Stanier will draw on his extensive experience in this field to:

  • Set out the four counterintuitive truths about coaching
  • Reveal the single biggest barrier to managers coaching more
  • Explain the habit loop and how that will shift your focus on what really matters
  • Share the best coaching question in the world (and it’s just three words)

You’ll leave with new insight on how your coaching program can get better traction right now.

Sign up here if you’d like to attend.

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