Webinar: The Crowdsourced Performance Review


Next Wednesday, November 14, Globoforce CEO Eric Mosley will join us to discuss his upcoming book, and how big data and crowdsourcing are finally injecting new life into the age-old performance review.

How Social Recognition Transforms Traditional Performance Management

DATE: November 14, 2012
TIME: 1pm Eastern Time

The traditional performance review is frozen in time. Both employees and employers have come to dread it. Its problems are structural and serious. Can it be saved?

In his new eBook, The Crowdsourced Performance Review, Eric Mosley examines how crowdsourcing feedback can fix the employee performance review. In this webinar, he’ll discuss how to debunk the myths surrounding the traditional review, and build a smarter performance management system that:

  • Uses social recognition to inject new life into the troubled traditional performance review
  • Offers managers new insight into performance, based on crowdsourced data
  • Provides a vision for 2020 that realigns performance management with top level business objectives




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