Webinar: How to Build Strong Teams in a Globally Distributed Workforce

The Chief Happiness Officer, Alexander Kjerulf, has dedicated his professional life to helping every workplace achieve an environment and culture in which employee grow and thrive. According to Alexander’s research and proven cases, happiness at work relies on two things: our results and our personal relations.

This reinforces the findings of researchers like Teresa Amabile who show the most engaged employees are those who feel like they’re making progress in their work – those who see results.

Personal relationships at work, however, are often glossed over. Gallup’s employee engagement instrument, the Gallup Q12, gives this subject the proper weight by asking “Do you have a best friend at work?” With only 12 questions in their survey, making friendships at work a key measure of employee engagement is truly telling.

But in today’s dramatically distributed workplaces and team structures, it can be hard to form those relationships. When members of your team may be located Midland, Manchester, Mumbai, Manama, and Munich, it becomes exponentially more difficult to build the critically necessary relationships of trust and respect that underpin team and organization success.

To find out how to overcome these geographic, cultural and generational barriers to building relationships, join Globoforce VP Grant Beckett and Bersin & Associates Analyst Stacia Garr for a free webinar tomorrow, Tuesday, November 15 (3:00 Eastern) as they discuss “Social Recognition’s Role in Driving the Culture Your Organization Wants.”

In this webcast, you will learn:

* The role of social recognition in moving toward ongoing performance management
* The elements of a High-Impact Learning Culture and how social recognition can be used to reinforce them
* Examples of how companies are effectively leveraging social recognition

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