Webinar: How integrated talent management can improve your return on people

In this guest post, Gary Kilzer of HRMpact discusses the importance of integrated talent management and shares details of an upcoming webinar he is leading on the subject. Gary has extensive experience designing and implementing talent management programs and we’re pleased to have him share some of his insights here.

Research from leading firms such as Bersin Associates, Towers Watson and others show that organizations taking an integrated approach to talent management generate better business results.

These results include things like higher revenue per employee, lower voluntary turnover among high performers and a more engaged workforce.

Your company’s ability to achieve sustainable business results is based on your people — their alignment and engagement and overall productivity.

To be able to articulate how effective your workforce is at driving results for your organization, you need to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of your talent programs. Not only that, you need to be able to strategically identify how one programs impacts and feeds another.

Taking an integrated approach to talent management means moving beyond individual HR program “silos.” Instead, all of your talent management systems and processes are connected using an integrated technology platform and underlying data structure.

This helps in a number of ways because now you have:

  • Centralized access to a wealth of real-time data you can use for performance analytics including performance on goals, competencies, development needs and more
  • The ability to share this data seamlessly across programs and processes to drive learning and development initiatives, pay for performance programs or succession plans
  • Managers and employees fully participating in your talent management processes; they know what is expected of them within the process itself but also in terms of driving the success of the business

On November 7th I’ll be leading a webinar on the value of an integrated approach to talent management. I’ll be joined by Jennifer Triumph, Compensation Analyst for the Northern Indiana Region of The Franciscan Alliance. During this webinar Jennifer will share how an integrated approach to talent management has benefited her organization.

Webinar details:

Presenters:    Myself along with Jennifer Triumph, Compensation Analyst, Northern Indiana Region of Franciscan Alliance

Date:    November 7th from 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET

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Make the case for integrated talent management

Making the case for integrated talent management is a lot easier when your CEO can see immediate results from automated processes, such as better talent analytics and alignment of employee and organizational performance.

Join this webinar to learn how to make the case for change in your organization and how to develop a proven approach for implementing an integrated talent management strategy.

About Gary Kilzer

Gary Kilzer, company founder and Managing Consultant at HRMpact, has 30 years experience helping HR leaders improve business impact within their organizations.

Gary has held HR leadership roles at Fortune 500 firms as and has also been a business leader at Deloitte and Watson Wyatt. Connect with Gary on Twitter (@wgkilzer).

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