Webinar: Effective Multi-Generational Employee Rewards and Recognition

Attend this upcoming webinar!Multiple generations in the workplace can be tough to manage and reward with one-size-fits-all culture methodology. All too often recognition devolves into an annual review or financial incentives that attempt to reduce effort and commitment to a cash figure. This approach misses the main points of employee recognition: positive feedback, recognition of extra effort, and the acknowledgement not just of managers, but of leaders and peers.

Next week I am excited to be hosting a webinar with HR and recruiting thought leader, Meghan M. Biro, as she explores how today’s workplaces are changing, and how leaders can keep employees of all generations happy and engaged through social recognition. During the webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Be “in the moment” and timely with continuous employee recognition
  • Deliver in context with the larger business goals
  • Be appropriate with recognition and rewards volume and scale
  • Be authentic when you give employees recognition
  • Use social technologies to ensure consistency for the entire workforce

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Wednesday, March 26, 2PM EST

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