Wealthier consumers more likely to read online news

Pew Research has come out with what’s perhaps a fairly obvious study – rich people are more likely to go online.   Nevertheless, its worth talking about the findings as a reminder that online media is an effective way of reaching higher income consumers.

According to Pew (via Read Write Web), 93% of higher income users have broadband at home, compared to 64% of those who are in the lowest income group.  Pretty obvious, right, people with more money are more likely to have an array of Internet connected devices and better broadband speeds.   However, the really interesting stat is the one to do with online news access.

According to Pew, 50% of higher income Americans will get online news on any given day compared to only 25% of lower income groups.   Similarly, on an average day, higher income users are most likely to research products (40% vs 19%).

Wealthier consumers most receptive to online news but least receptive to ads
People with more money may be more likely to check out product review sites and read the news online, but there’s also evidence to show that they are the least receptive group to online advertising.  In February 2009, a study of 2000+ UK adults showed that ABC1s were less likely than C2DEs to pay attention to online advertising.

Meanwhile an even earlier Comscore study
from Feb 2008 showed that “heavy clickers” of online ads – 6% of the online population – account for 50% of display ad clicks.   Rather than being super nerds, these heavy clickers were most likely to be men aged 25-44 with an income of under $40,000 (£24k), who were also most likely to visit auctions, gambling and career services sites.

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