We may have change all wrong…

On LinkedIn, a lot of recent threads, in the ODNET group and other similar groups that I participate in actively, are focused on the problem of change.

Maybe we have change all wrong?

Maybe change is totally natural and ordinary. Look at your fingernails. Do they need to be clipped again? Soon perhaps?

Look at a photo of yourself as a child. Have you stayed the same? In my case, I won the prize (a bottle of wine) at my 40th high school reunion for being “The Most Changed.”

Or more to the point, look at your organization when it was first founded. Is it different today? Of course it is!

Change is Life!

It is the air that we breath. It is the blood in our veins.

One of my favorite texts in college was a slim paperback called “Living With Change” by Dr. Wendell Johnson. He wrote:

“You have to start out with something you are rather fundamentally thinking about your problem, something that begins with the demonstrated fact that you are changing all the time and so is everyone else. But once you have established that framework, in harmony with that reality, you can begin to observe, to see what stares you in the face, to find out what your problem really is, what you can change, how you can change it, what you cannot change, and so on. Then you can proceed to work to change what you can change. The number of people I have seen who can do this sort of thing is, to me, amazing. And the degree to which they can do it, the things they can do, astonishing.”

Maybe we just need to provide enough water or the right sunlight. Or simply to get out of the way.

What we call “resistance to change” may be a misnomer. Maybe what it truly is, if we are honest, is resistance to a bad idea. Or resistance to poor management. Or resistance to being coerced. Or to “too much, too fast.”

Maybe “resistance to change” is sometimes a very good thing.

Your thoughts?

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Monday July 15, 2013

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