We have nothing to fear

But what?  Social Media?  Fear itself?  I am consistently amused by the feedback and comments about social media.  Fear of as Laurie writes, ‘old and pervy high school boyfriends…’ fear of identity theft, fear of being found, fear of people knowing who we are and were we live.

News flash. That’s old news.  Pervy people can use a frightening people search tool, pipl to find things about you that are really buried.  It searches the deep web.  It’s frightening. If you thought about shaving a few years off the old birthday, forget about it.  Pipl searches show your age and sometimes your birth date.  Don’t blame Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for this one.

More news.  If you really want to take up arms, take on our government.  I have to write my social security number ON MY CHECK to the IRS. How stupid is that? My check is handled by how many people in the office?

Best #badbusiness award should go the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency, referred to as the UIA.  The UIA includes and requires the claimant’s social security on EVERY PIECE OF CORRESPONDENCE with the office.  I just received a request to fax information to them including names and social security numbers.  Um, I don’t think so. I, as a matter of safety, will only include the last 4 digits.  If they can’t figure it out, they can call or write.

People, quit complaining about Social Media.  It’s already out there, in abundance.

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