We Are Out Of Bread

I am fortunate to develop global learning for creating exceptional employee and customer experiences.

The reason I feel so fortunate is that I have access to an unlimited number of stories and examples.

These stories and examples are so good there is almost no way you could ever make these up.

The coolest part is that all I have to do to get these stories and examples is go out in the world and be a customer!

Let me give you an example that happened to me just a few hours ago.

I am flying out tonight on a red-eye starting a two week road trip, so I thought it would be great idea to have dinner with my parents on the way to airport.

Here is where it gets good!

I decided to bring some sandwiches over to my parents.

One of my favorite delis is inside a health food store called Windmill Farms.

When I ordered the first sandwich for my dad, the guy behind the counter said, “sorry, we are out of egg bread.”

When I ordered my mom’s sandwich, the guy said “these are our last two pieces of wheat bread. Only enough for one more sandwich.”

When I ordered my sandwich, he said “sorry we are out of sourdough as well.”

What was so amazing was literally 15 paces away was the bakery section with shelves filled with loaves of bread!

I was in a good mood so just for giggles, I went around the corner, took the price labels off three loaves of bread, and handed them to the guy behind the counter. I then told the other 10 people in line that we were back in business!

Seriously, you cannot write this stuff.

There are so many lessons in just this one service interaction it’s unbelievable.

Can you imagine how many stories I will accumulate these next 12 days on the road?

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