Ways Social Learning Systems Helps Your Small Business Grow

social learning systemSocial learning is a concept that breaks the archaic dynamic of trainers as being the only source to deliver knowledge to your employees.

Internet Time reports that 80 percent of learning is informal in nature, taking place through social interaction, trial and error, and testing. Instead, the trainer leads the way, but encourages all of the participants to build off of the knowledge by engaging with one another to reinforce the concepts. Whether you want to find ways to easily implement continuing education for your employees, you want to encourage collaboration, or you’re tired of ineffective training, social learning may offer you exactly what you need to grow your small business.


While your employees might like going into training as a break from the day to day job duties, that doesn’t mean that an instructor talking to your employees is going to be the most effective way to provide continuing education. Training tools that allow your employees to work and learn together give you a way to promote informal learning opportunities. That way, the learning isn’t strictly taking place inside the meeting room (which you only got them to in the first place because they were lured by the donut bait).

Mashable reports that the younger workforce is particularly well suited to implementing social learning tools. 46 percent of the workforce will be considered the millennial generation by 2020, so having these social learning programs in place allows you to take a long view on effective training goals. Well trained employees help your business on many fronts, such as improving employee retention, increasing customer service satisfaction rates, and giving you a workforce trained exactly how you want them.


Another advantage to social learning is getting your employees used to communicating effectively with each other. When you’re working on a new logo design and you want the input of the entire company, social learning puts a work culture in place that encourages collaboration. Not only will employees be happy to share ideas with each other, they’ll also be able to articulate why they prefer a specific type of design over another, or give suggestions on what makes it better. Allow your employees to run with their ideas and improve upon each other. In the end, this allows you to have many educated viewpoints, while giving employees a sense of strong influence on the direction that your small business takes.

Learning Management Systems

Applications called learning management systems (LMSs) make it easy to provide a structured environment for social learning.

If you are new to LMS, start with the basics.

LMS applications allow your employees to easily comment and collaborate with each other, whether it’s on a small scale for a particular project, or a large scale that covers the entire business, as Mashable explains. Over time, this also develops into a valuable knowledge base, as the longer standing employees help the newer hires get up to speed.

There are many benefits for growing business. You can ever plot out the value of social learning to help the rest of your organization understand just what a social LMS can bring to the table.

To learn more about the benefits of social learning for your business, you can request a free demo of TOPYX® learning management system. TOPYX is a good choice for small businesses due to the native integration of award-winning social learning tools and a low price point.

Social learning is here to stay and you can use available tools to leverage it for the success of your small business.

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