Watch the Watch: A Big Disruption in Employee Engagement?

Stop telling time and start telling engagement: Employee Engagement can change in a minute.

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As you watch your watch will your watch be watching you?

Employee engagement is moving to real time very rapidly. The antiquated idea of an annual, or heaven forbid a bi-annual, survey of employee engagement it becoming ludicrous. We need real time measures that also offer transparency while giving the most important person data on their engagement — the employee!

We all know our engagement probably changes from about six to sixty times a day. So how can we enter the stream of engagement as opposed to using an auger of measurement drilling into a frozen bi-annual survey of attitudes? I just watched the short video on android watches and believe this is the future of engagement at many levels (it may be an apple watch too).

With the new watches hitting the market combined with our needs and some programming, we can monitor engagement, we can connect, and we can use the watch to trigger engaging actions. The limiting factor of how this tool could be used for engagement may be our own limited thinking.

Get ready for a watch that can tell time but can also tell energy and engagement and connection. It is also a watch that will listen to us!

A few years back I predicted this would occur by 2020. I was far too conservative. This will occur during 2014 and be refined and in full usage with a number of individuals and some organizations by 2015.

So go ahead and watch this watch video and start thinking about how you could use this tool at work for engagement and get busy with your IT department to help your organization go mobile with engagement and really be ready for 2020!

David Zinger is an employee engagement speaker and expert who has always worn a watch and he is now looking for a watch that he can engage with while also being a watch that will engage him.

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