Warsaw Poland and Employee Engagement

David Zinger to be the keynote at the Warsaw Poland Engagement Conference on January 25th.

David Zinger Warsaw Poland Employee Engagement Conference

I am looking forward to going to Poland in 2 weeks to offer the keynote presentation at this conference.

I love the challenge of thinking about employee engagement from a different perspective and the opportunity to learn from my hosts and the participants about the current state of employee engagement in Poland.

In addition, I look forward to visiting Warsaw and learning more about this city.

I guarantee you will see a few posts in early February similar to the posts that were done after chairing the Employee Engagement Conference in Barcelona in 2009:

8 Employee Engagement Lessons from Barcelona. I was very impressed not only with the knowledge shared at the conference but the look and feel of Barcelona and how Gaudi and Miro’s art work offer perspectives on employee engagement. Barcelona made me think of the Geometry of Employee Engagement.

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