Want to Know What Your Co-Workers Really Think of You?

Are you feeling a little too good about yourself these days?  Finally on top of your self-esteem issues?  Actually looking forward to your next performance review? Really enjoy being called a loser?

Don’t panic; there is a cure.  There is a new website called failin.gs where you can set up a profile and invite your friends and colleagues to tell you what’s wrong with you.  I am not joking.  

After all,  everybody needs some “postive” feedback.  Right? 

And it’s all anonymous so you can waste many happy work hours trying to figure out which of your co-workers said you were an “overbearing prick”or a “pushy ice princess.”  Good clean healthy fun.

This is the worst idea I’ve heard since the game show guru Chuck Barris came up with Who Knows You Best?,  a contest that pitted wives against secretaries to see who knew the most about some misguided schumck in a suit.  Chuck pulled the plug on that one after about 10 episodes and eight divorces.

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