Want to Hire the Right People? Create and Maintain Effective Job Descriptions

“Take This Job and Shove It.”

This famous song – which tells of the bitterness of a man who worked long and hard with no apparent reward – was made famous by singer Johnny Paycheck. Perhaps it would never have become a chart-topper if someone had taken the time to develop and communicate a well-defined job description for that hardworking man.

Okay, probably not, but effective job descriptions are important because they help you to hire the right people.

Poorly written, outdated job descriptions not only impact the effectiveness of your talent management programs, they can also impact employee engagement and retention.

To hire the right people, you need to create job descriptions that accurately set performance expectations while supporting the strategic needs of your organization.

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to create effective job descriptions, take the time to watch our latest HR BOLD Thinkers video series featuring Gordon Medlock, Senior Talent Management Consultant with HRIZONS.

In this Best Practices for Creating and Maintaining Job Descriptions video series, Medlock explores the importance of job descriptions and gives practical tips for creating and managing them.

Watch a short introduction to Medlock’s three-part video series:

As Medlock states:

“If you don’t have that job description infrastructure well defined in your organization, you really can’t generate the assessments you need for all the talent management functions that are required in an organization.”

Take recruiting, for example. According to Medlock you need well-defined job descriptions to determine how you’re going to hire, which competencies you’re going to hire on, and essential threshold requirements for making sure that people are prepared for the positions for which you’re hiring.

Watch this three-part series on creating and maintaining job descriptions to learn:

  • What Content Goes into a Good Job Description?
  • How Do You Convert Lengthy Tasks Lists into Concise Job Accountability Statements?
  • What’s Involved in a Project to Upgrade Job Descriptions?

We hope you enjoy the video and invite you to watch our entire in our HR Bold Thinkers video series, featuring some of the leading thinkers in HR. Here’s to you being the next champion of change in your organization.

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