Walking About



On January 25, I announced that I was going on Walkabout. Now I need to get home to prepare for being in Europe most of May.

cal2                calender

I’ve recognized many Dreamlines while on Walkabout.

Walkabout? A Walkabout, at least one of my walkabouts, is the Law of Two Feet Writ Large.

Freeing myself to think for the future and not to obsess on short term crap. The Walkabouter wandering through life, trying to be mindful instead of mindless. This week I’ll be reflecting the lessons I’ve learned in a series of short posts.

Walkabouts free you to just do it. I give myself permission to JFDI (“Just do it.”)

Years ago I saw this sexy French traveling easel on sale for cheap. It was $60. I could not resist.

This was all I needed to release my inner Van Gogh paint en plein air.



This afternoon I spied my folding easel in the family storage room. It hadn’t been unfolded in more than a year. Worse, it had never seen duty in sunlight and plein air. 


Spring has sprung here. The weather is glorious. If not now, when?


My art is conceptual. I’d love to be able to do the Betty Edwards business all the way through but I haven’t made the breakthrough yet.


This is vaguely a story about the singularity.


Routines are difficult to make routine. I am not faithful to my happiness routines, and I have a lot riding on that meme. Some things kick in when appropriate, but meditation, gratitude, and appreciation are tough. Even devoting time to my calling falls by the wayside.

I am probably one in a thousand to have painted plein air. When somebody at a party asks “What do you do?” I may tell them I’m a plein air painter.

I have a smock. I probably need a beret.


My French easel is packed up and ready to go.

I’ll probably go out tomorrow.

I’m more interested in learning to be than in learning to do.  

I’ll try to use Monet vision. That’s when I’m not wearing my glasses.

“I do things I do not know how to do in order to learn how to do them.” Picasso

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