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I am an author and blogger.

Two years ago Hampson Studio created a mouth watering site for jaycross.com.

Over time I pulled the plug on the razzle-dazzle and settled in with the fit and finish of the site.



inflrn          lab

You wouldn’t want to junk up an attractive, slick, faux-corporate website with ribald jokes.

I’d like to blog and site for Harvard Business Publishing or Forbes. jaycross.com is where I’d send them. Without thinking much about it, I realized I’d inadvertently restricted my style, edginess, and stream of consciousness freedom. I needed a place to experiment, ponder, complain, and test out. internettime.com is becoming that site.

internettime.com is my bully pulpit. jaycross.com is my portfolio.

Appearance matters. I was really tired of the look and feel of internettime.com. It’s an elderly blog. I gave it a utilitarian face-lift. TypeKit provides various fonts.

A couple of times a week, I repost the keepers to jaycross.com.



I enjoy writing in HTML because it lets me combine text and graphics and pointers, is searchable, and is the standard. Writing in Keynote is fun, too. I love sliding things around and making graphics on the fly. My ideal would be a writing surface like Keynote but the ability to index it with the text, not leaving it trapped in some untranslatable graphic blob.






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