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Remember this one? I hoard words but often never go back to reflect on what’s there.

Photo Review. I’ve posted more than 700 photographs to Flickr since February 1. Here are the 56 photos` that meant most to me. Tagging these favorites was a fun exercise. Reflection as forced march.


walkabout shots

Food & people. A few sights.


On the Road

Jack Keroac typed On the Road on toilet paper. This was before Post-Its were invented. I think of my rambunctious blog as one never-ending roll. It doesn’t make much difference where on post stops and the next begins. Interrnettime.com is one evergoing flow.

Looking back at 60 days of blog posts is easier with Friendfeed.

For another project (getting NextNow on line) I reviewed my Flickr photos 2004-2009.

I’ve been writing about dealing with complexity in the workplace, bring emotion out of the closet at work, making people happy and more fulfilled, and the Stoos way of doing business. This work has not yielded any blinding flashes of insight. Rather they are changing my behavior gradually, in subtle ways.

For example…

I’m a kinder, gentler Jay. I’m more in control of my emotions and aware of the impact I have on others.

All my projects are lean. I’ll think something up, float it out to my communities, mindmap it, and either back it or reject it in a matter of days. All improvement is incremental. Creating innovation is a function of going through this introduction cycle frequently, killing off what fails to catch on as quickly as possible.

I’m happier. While I don’t follow my formal advice on having a routine, I do work aspects of my happiness program into my days.

Action speaks louder than words. JFDI is my mantra. I’m impatient to JFDI.

I trust my gut — treating my feelings as legitimate, at minimum a counterbalance to my thinking brain.

I have become an advocate. Change college. Replace training. Get human. JDI.

I have affirmed that I am an author.  My writing is not just for articles and books. It’s also experimental blog posts, interviews, and thoughtful emails. The world is my tablet.

Using my motivated skills is more fun than compensating for my “unmotivated” skills.



Confronted with my body responding unpleasantly to the dozen drugs prescribed by my general practitioner, cardiologist and neurologist, I took the bold step of going cold turkey. Now my system is drug-free. Next week I’ll see what my baseline blood chemistry has to tell me. Then I’m visiting physicians to go over what to get back on. Maybe I will able to get them to collaborate.

Pro bono is bono. I’m working to reinvent NextNow.

as always, there’s more.




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