Walden 2.0: Daily Employee Engagement Project Week 3 & 4

The Walden 2.010 Project (Week 3 & 4)

Employees need to monitor and receive daily engagement data.

We cannot withhold employee engagement data from employees

if we expect data to become a measure and a motivator of engagement.

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Daily employee engagement. This is a weekly reporting of a one year project monitoring, measuring, and assessing daily employee engagement. You can see the  original project plan, intention, measures and tools by  clicking here.

Challenged in week 3 and 4. Week 3 and 4 became more of a challenge in the daily monitoring of employee engagement. Part of the reason was a trip to Warsaw Poland right in the middle of this time.  I have inserted a screen shot picture of the data for the last two weeks of engagement.

Walden Data Jan 2010

Here are my week 3 and 4 reflections:

Assessment and Review. There was an overall consistency in scores as they begin to average out yet there were daily fluctuations from scores of 94% and 92% for the last two days of week 4 and 54% for the Tuesday of the same week. I was very challenged to conduct daily monitoring and it was easy to let the scoring slide. I believe the lack of engagement in monitoring is a problem that can allow my work engagement to slip. Monitoring is making me more aware of the variability in daily engagement.

Engagement in Teaching. Teaching or education days are the days of highest engagement for me personally.

Conclusions and Recommendations.  It was surprising to see the consistency of average scores but I know the project itself is a great tool to be mindful of engagement. Getting data and reflecting on data about engaged performance is great feedback and motivation to change.

Employee Engagement Overall Take-away. I think the first month of the project indicated how important it is to give employees the data of their own engagement and to offer that data back as quick as possible. Ultimately during this decade, I believe it will be imperative to move away from yearly surveys to real time daily data that is shared with all and makes use of hand held technology.


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