Wal-Mart to Pay Employees with Debit Cards from MasterCard

The last time I heard of people getting paid with debit cards, recipients were complaining that the issuing banks were charging fees every time they used the cards–and even when they checked their balances!

The recipients in this case were people receiving unemployment “checks.” Now Wal-Mart has announced it is moving to pay its 1.4 million employees nationwide with MasterCard debit cards if they don’t sign up for direct deposit.

Wal-Mart claims the move will save both money and paper, 257,572 pounds of the latter each year.

Though the program is beginning this month, Wal-Mart says it will be phased in and many employees will continue to receive paper checks for a while.

Wal-Mart is the nation’s largest employer. About half of its employees receive paper paychecks, the others direct deposit.

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