Waggle: 39 Ways to Improve Organizations, Work, and Employee Engagement

My new free eBook Waggle is available today. You will enjoy this short book with so many images and insights. It looks great on an Ipad, tablet, or smartphone. This book based on spending 3 summers with honeybees, office objects, and computers offers you 39 ways to improve work based on 13 Waggles.

I encourage you to read the book, put an action into practice, and act like a honeybee by passing the book on and pollinating these ideas with co-workers, friends and other organizations. To read or download the eBook click on the cover below or click here.

Waggle Book New Cover Promotion

David Zinger is the author of Waggle and two other books. He is founder and host of the 5900 member Employee Engagement Network ¬†and he applies the pyramid of employee engagement to improve organizations, work, and engagement through simple, small and significant actions. To start working with David Zinger, email him at [email protected]

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