Voice Mobile Reflections

I have only recently upgraded to a phone with any meaningful voice capabilities, an iPhone with Siri in my particular case.  And I really hadn’t put it to the test, but that changed this past weekend. I had a long solo drive home and time to think.

When I headed out, I had some logistical details, so I asked Siri to call home.  This I’d done before.  Then, finding out m’lady was out and about, I decided to see if I could text by voice as well (which my brother assures me is how he always does it on his Android device).  Sure enough, I could send text messages.

I’d deliberately set my mind around focusing on my current project and taking some ideas further.  And, indeed, I had a revelation.  What could I do?  Could I take a note?  Why, yes, I can.  However, Siri stopped too early, so I tried speaking quicker.  Which has it’s own problems, but I achieved a useful reminder.

Then I thought of a further text message. Remembering the last message, I spoke quickly, and this time Siri  munged two words together.  (“Call when free” became “Call Winfrey”, and I didn’t think Oprah would take my call).  This time I had to try again, and pause more between my words. At least it didn’t end too quickly.  (Wish she’d ask me, if I cancel, whether I want to try again.)

And, then I decided I’d write a blog post about my thoughts, and I wanted a reminder (there’ve been times in the past when I had a good topic, but by the time I got back I couldn’t remember what it was). By experimentation, I found that I could indeed also make a Reminder (aka ‘ToDo’).  So I made one for that post (coming soon), and one to write this (see, it works!).  I only wish Siri could diagram for me too, or at least drive so I can do the diagramming ;).

Two take home lessons:

For one, experiment!  One of the ways I got on top of mobile was by trying everything I could to see how I could use mobile to make me more effective. As the lotteries would have it, you have to be in it to win it. (Social media is where I usually make this statement.)

For another, taking time for reflection is powerful, particularly if you seed yourself a goal.  I turned off the radio to make sure I wasn’t distracted, and the miles flew by while I worked on my topic.

Coming in my next post, my revelation.

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