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Nancy Duarte
Author, Resonate

My Husband and Business Partner, Mark. “He and I are complete opposites. When we worked on our life mission statements, his verb was to relax and mine was to conquer.

“We like to use this metaphor that I’m the steamboat above the surface and he’s the rudder to make sure we don’t go aground. Even though I’m the one who comes up with the ideas and has all these crazy ways to approach things, he’s the one who has the right timing, who tells me when to wait, tells me when to go fast.

“For so long, I henpecked him. ‘Be more passionate. Be more like me. Do everything the way I do it.’ And then I woke up one day and realized how I needed to value our differences. So I released him to be himself. And it’s turned out to be glorious.

“If I had not met him and if he had not walked beside me everyday, I never would have become what I’ve become.”

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Let’s Disrupt This!
We all know that we should value diversity more and learn from those who are different than us. Yet how many of us practice this as well or as beautifully as Nancy Duarte? How many of us consciously seek out those who are our opposites to keep us on track? Or to help us be the best versions of ourselves?

At work and play and life: We all need people who who are our opposites as everyday partners, helping us be our best.

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