Vital signs infographic: How talent management can help you prepare for healthcare reform

Healthcare reform in the U.S. It’s a hot topic these days.

It’s also no secret that the U.S. healthcare industry is facing unprecedented change as well as mass uncertainty around the impact of healthcare reform.

In an industry facing increasing demand for services, nurse and doctor talent shortages and declining reimbursement levels, how can hospital leaders manage through the transformation? By implementing and leveraging talent management best-practices.

Research shows that effective talent management practices can help healthcare organizations build a strong workplace culture — one where employees are committed to performance improvement, reliability and accountability, and the highest level of patient care.

Take a look at the infographic below for tips on charting your way to effective talent and performance management. Then download our complimentary white paper, which includes a forward by the AHA (American Hospital Association).


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For more on how effective talent management practices can help American hospitals and health systems prepare for healthcare reform download this complimentary white paper.

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