Violation: What if they gave out tickets at work?

Work Zone Ahead (A working poem)

Imagine getting pulled over at work or coming to your desk and finding a ticket.

What would you be cited for?

Changing lanes without a turn indicator because you can be bothered to  let others know when you change.

A speeding ticket for going too quickly on a job.

A parking ticket because you spend your time parked in the lunchroom or on one task.

A stop sign violation because you worked right through your son’s baseball game.

A noise violation for eating carrots too loudly at your desk.

Running a red light because nothing comes between you and your work.

Making an illegal turn for leaving a stalled project requiring work for a  shiny new  project full of promise.

Using the diamond or carpool lane with nobody else in your vehicle because you don’t work well with others.

Driving at night without your headlights because you hate to see where you are going.

Hitting another vehicle because you need to bump coworkers who get  in your way.

What’s your ticket?

It is time to pull over, slow down, quiet down, and fill your energy meter.

Stop making stupid violations at work.

Of course you’ll never get a real ticket at work

But you may succeed in ticking many people off at work,

And that’s not the ticket.

by David Zinger

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

David Zinger, M.Ed., is an employee engagement writer, educator, speaker, coach, and consultant. He offers exceptional contributions on employee engagement for leaders, managers, and employees. David founded and moderates the 2300 member Employee Engagement Network. His website offers 1000 posts/articles relating to employee engagement and strength based leadership. David is involved in the application of Enterprise 2.0 approaches to engagement and the precursor, creating engaging approaches to communication, collaboration, and community within Enterprise 2.0.

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