Videos recommended on Twitter watched the longest

Online videos recommended on Twitter get longer views.   So say TubeMogul, Brightcove and DynamicLogic (via Marketing Charts).

TubeMogul compared 103 million video streams found via social networks and search engines.   Videos sourced on Twitter had an average viewing time of two minutes and seven seconds.  Yahoo! (1 min 54 secs) and Facebook (1 min 50) came next with Google and Bing trailing behind.

The shrinking shelf life of online videos

Bad news for any of us hoping that our online videos will become slow burners and gather viewers over time.   In 2008 it took the average video two weeks to get half its 90 day view total…now online videos reach that in six days.

If nothing else, these stats do show that social media ‘recommended’ online videos will get people watching for longer.  An eariler Visible Measures study showed that after 60 seconds you will have lost 44% of your viewers.   So if you have a video campaign about to break that you want to go viral, it helps for it to have support from the Twitter community.

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