Using Tech to Help Workers Break Down Barriers

Technology is the lifeblood of business and commerce, running entire organizations and keeping employees in touch with one another in real-time, every day. Digital connections in particular are vital in the workplace, as they prevent common problems like verbal miscommunications and lost paperwork.

Aside from their valiant ability to transcend mumbling and papercuts, tech-enabled connections also quickly get your workforce on the same page for projects, campaigns, and other goals.

Making friends at the office is a daunting prospect, but an important one for new employees. A recent studyfound that morale and productivity increased up to 25% when regular groups formed in office lunchrooms—proving that more than gossip and tuna sandwiches make it to the table. When a workforce is encouraged to build and trade social network presences, new hires can read up on fellow employees and get a feel for who they’ll be working with. Social profiles are a great way to break the ice, whether it’s through lists of mutual interests or incessant posting of adorable kitten videos.

The human resources department provides employees with the information they need to balance building their careers with living their lives. For example, seemingly simple tasks like coordinating time off between employees are rarely easy, even with HR acting as a middleman. But when you give employees the tools they need to see the larger picture of conflicts in vacation scheduling, the pressure is lifted from HR, and overall communications improve too. Such a system can also give management the power to track concerning trends or recognize particularly dedicated employees.

Tech breaks down barriers. Which weapon would you prefer? (Note: the knife won’t help!) Flickr/Stephen Dann

For offices with large team projects, instant messaging is much better at keeping pace with a busy workflow than an avalanche of post-it notes or cubicle visits. Quick questions stay quick, and when work gets intense, ignoring a digital message is far more polite than abruptly walking away from a conversation. Using the messaging system to commisterate about poorly brewed coffee is (of course) optional.

Keeping telecommuting employees in the loop is always challenging. But with videochats and interactive tech features like message boards, you can keep a distant worker’s focus in the office even while their feet are in bunny slippers. PJs might not be business casual yet, but with powerful connection tools gaining ground in the telecommuting sector, it might not be far off.

After a nail-biting performance review, the impact of managerial suggestions for improvements may fade once the office door closes. With digital reminders about goals and timelines, employees can be kept on task with a few clicks of the mouse, preventing stressful followup meetings. Putting the ball in your employee’s court through these digital reminders encourages them to accept responsibility and take action, even if you aren’t physically looking over their shoulder.

Don’t let your productivity get lost in divisions when a well-considered technology upgrade can streamline your office. Encourage your employees to plug in and link up, because a network accomplishes far more than the sum of its parts.

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