Using social channels for recruiting

I have always been a fan of recruiting via networks, generally following this kind of search pattern when I have a new job I am looking to fill:

  • Starting with existing employees.  If someone working at your company has the skill set, or the potential, and they have interest in the role, give them a shot.  Promoting from within is rarely a bad idea.
  • Reaching out to my personal network.  Those superstars that you have worked with in the past should always be on your short list.
  • Reaching out through your larger extended network. 

I have recently come across more than one government agency that is locking down recruiting on social networks.  I have to say, I don’t get it.  If you are already leveraging social channels to extend your brand, to offer customer service, than you would be making a big mistake not using these same networks to recruit new talent.  Swimfish is a small company but I have found a couple of great additions to the team through Twitter alone.

Unsure how to begin?  Here are a couple of quick thoughts:

  • Your web site.  You do post jobs here, don’t you?
  • Use job boards like Craigslist.  I am always amazed by the quality, and quantity, of replies I get from this inexpensive source.  Craig Newmark, as always, my hat is off to you, great job.
  • Use Twitter.  There are great hashtags to follow, starting with #workwednesday, my favorite, to #jobs.  Leverage these hashtags.  They are free channels for getting the word out.
  • Use your Facebook presence to post jobs.  Don’t have one?  I recently created an extension of my blog on Facebook with a discussion board for you to post all of your jobs.  You have no excuse now, right?
    • Yes, the above is blatant self-promotion but this is my blog afterall, right?  :-)
  • Use LinkedIn.  While I cannot recommend the steep job posting fee on LinkedIn I do recommend using your LinkedIn connections, and their networks, to get the word out.
  • Your support community.  Do you already have support communities that use software from INgage Networks, Jive Software, Lithium?  Setup an area where you can post jobs and where your customers can post their jobs too.  I know, this has nothing to do with providing customer service or marketing.  It does, however, give value to those customers.  Guess what, they will appreciate the help you are providing.

How do you leverage social channels for you recruiting?  If you are not using these channels, what is holding you back?


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