Using Halogen Job Description Builder to create effective job descriptions

In this post Jenny Hamilton, a Certified Human Capital Strategist and an Implementation Consultant for Halogen, shares how organizations can use Halogen Job Description Builder to create best-practice job descriptions. Jenny also shares how to leverage your job descriptions to support your other talent processes.

Job descriptions are not only incredibly important for attracting and retaining top talent. They’re a critical tool that, when done well, create a foundation to support all talent management programs across your organization.

But it’s easy to dismiss them as irrelevant when not enough time and energy is invested into making them great.

Because let’s face it, job descriptions can be a real bear:

  • They require effort to create and update
  • They can be difficult to track and manage
  • They are usually not centrally stored
  • Often they are not in line with the true nature of the job they are supposed to represent

But great job descriptions can help you build a high-performing, aligned and engaged workforce.

In this post I’ll show you how to use Halogen Job Description Builder to create up-to-date job descriptions that are easy to track and manage, and that support all of your talent management programs — making them fairer, more consistent, and more transparent.

Creating a job description template in Halogen Job Description Builder

We all know that job descriptions need to be consistent. Otherwise they become impossible to manage. Halogen Job Description Builder makes this easy, providing sample job description templates, as well as libraries of job duties and competencies to get you started.

These job description templates can be customized to suit your requirements, and pre-defined sections can be added for information like education, experience, and job competencies. You can also create custom sections to tailor your templates to your organization’s unique needs.

To create a template in Halogen Job Description builder, simply select the appropriate sections and attributes required:

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Halogen Job Description Builder provides consistency, but allows for flexibility

Halogen Job Description Builder templates enforce consistency, but they also allow for flexibility in the content included in any given job description. Your templates can also be updated to easily push out universal changes, while individual sections of specific job descriptions can be updated to make changes that apply to only one or a few of your jobs.

For example, this template for a senior administrator position includes a Leadership Accountabilities section applicable to positions where leadership competencies are required:

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Easily locate and manage your job descriptions

All job descriptions created in Halogen Job Description Builder are stored in a central repository making it easy for you to locate and manage them. You can search job descriptions by Title or Job ID or by using the Advance Search feature:

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If you choose to, you can even make the repository visible to your managers and/or employees. This level of transparency allows employees to review requirements for other jobs in the organization they may be interested in pursuing. It can also help them better understand the roles and responsibilities of their colleagues across the organization.

Easily involve all key stakeholders when creating job descriptions

With Halogen Job Description Builder you can build a customized workflow for creating and updating your job descriptions. As an administrator or job description manager in Halogen, you can:

  1. Create the workflow you want to use for your job description creation and review process.
  2. Specify the people or positions you want to get involved in the process.
  3. Send tasks and friendly email reminders to work on the job descriptions.
  4. If necessary, participate in the process yourself as an editor or approver.

And it’s easy for stakeholders to access and complete assigned tasks related to reviewing, editing, and approving job descriptions right from their Halogen homepage:

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Regardless of the workflow you design for creating and updating job descriptions, it’s a good idea to “spread the wealth” and get others outside of HR involved in the process.

When employees and managers are included in crafting job descriptions, employees are more likely to sign off on them, and managers are more comfortable offering feedback because they can refer back to the job descriptions during coaching conversations.

Including all stakeholders also helps to ensure balance as it allows you to draw on the experience and perspectives of many players.

Leverage job descriptions across your other talent management programs

Halogen Job Description Builder not only makes it easy for you to create, track, and manage your job descriptions, it helps you link job descriptions across other talent management programs to create unmatched accountability.

Performance management

For example, Halogen Job Description Builder integrates seamlessly with Halogen eAppraisal, and in just a few clicks allows you to automatically generate position-specific appraisal forms based on your job descriptions.

Each employee can then be evaluated on the actual job duties and competencies they are expected to perform, along with the other critical elements of your appraisals like goals and development plans.

Here is a sample appraisal form based on the competencies included in a job description for a Tier 2 Service Representative:

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By aligning job descriptions with performance appraisals, you can make the evaluation of employees fairer, more consistent, and more transparent. And studies have shown that when employees are treated fairly and know what’s expected of them, they’re more engaged and more productive.

Recruiting and onboarding

Halogen Job Description Builder can also simplify your recruiting and onboarding processes. The job description repository can be fully integrated with Halogen eRecruitment, allowing recruiters to quickly and easily use existing job descriptions to create requisitions and post jobs that need to be filled.

This screenshot shows how to create a job requisition in Halogen eRecruitment by importing a job description you’ve created with Halogen Job Description Builder:

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Using the “Import Job Description” feature in Halogen eRecruitment, content from the job description populates directly onto the requisition. This integration allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily generate job requisitions for existing jobs within the organization,
  • Ensure the job requisition is aligned with the actual expectations of the job (based on the job description) and
  • Edit the job requisition if any of the job description information is not required.

These are just two examples of how you can use Halogen Job Description Builder to support your other talent management programs. For more examples visit our Center of Excellence for best-practice job descriptions.

Make job descriptions strategic in your organization

Job descriptions, when done well, are a strategic advantage for any organization. They can help you:

  • Recruit and hire the right candidates for your jobs
  • Set and manage expectations for your employees
  • Successfully manage employee performance and development

Halogen Job Description Builder is a strategic tool that can support your talent management programs and drive employee engagement and accountability. To learn more, visit the Halogen Job Description Builder product page.

Build your world-class workforce with Halogen Job Description Builder

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