Use the Force – Five Things Star Wars Can Teach HR


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Even if you’re like me and don’t care much for the ongoing cinematic battle twixt the rebel scum and the dark side – you can’t have failed to notice that the 163rd episode of Star Wars is released in cinemas today. Cue much rattling of light sabres and such like.

The Inspiration

We were given a sneak preview of the movie yesterday so here’s what you’ve been waiting for – the top 5 highlights HR and L&D can learn from Star Wars…published even quicker than Andrew Jacobs thought possible ?

1 – It’s a trap!

It's a trap!

Inductions aren’t much cop – even a long time ago in a galaxy far away. Try encouraging more interaction and engagement through using digital schematic diagrams of the new place to help people get around, share your battle plans (don’t forget to ask for feedback) and maybe put some Lego out for people to play with.

2 – Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Grow a beard, learn to growl, own the room.

3 – Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Go easy with that long torch thingie – you could have someone’s eye/hand/tentacle off if you’re not careful.

4 – Relationships


‘Scuse me Luke…you do know she’s your sister…right?’ #awkward

5 – Teamwork for Jedis


These Death Stars don’t blow themselves up you know, you’re going to need your team motivated and up for the fight. Maybe the promise of an extra day off once the job is complete might help? Failing that – sharpen up your mind tricks with our top ten tips and bend the entire universe to your will…or something.

There you have it – 5 laser focused lessons to help you improve your HR and learning and development practice. And remember, we write this stuff because we care. If you’re off to the cinema today – have fun, and mind you don’t trip over your cape.

Thanks to Andrew, Alistair and Ken, and Andy for the Stormtrooper Lego photo..

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