Use of a LMS Enables Formal Training and Informal Learning

informal learningLearning management system (LMS) platforms simplify the complexities of a virtual work environment.

Unfortunately, a number of individuals don’t use learning management systems to their full benefit. Many others avoid using such software because it only the system doesn’t have the features or charges per user, so it doesn’t deliver what is needed.

This is why a valuable step to consider when implementing an eLearning system is the training features and how it will be used by employees. As you seek to enable use of your LMS, it is important to understand how each person applies different learning methods; when it comes to eLearning, some desire formal training while others prefer informal learning.

Formal Training vs. Informal Learning

Training of employees begins with identifying the two common learning methods used in an eLearning environment.

  • Formal Training: As a major proponent of a learning management system, formal learning options require content be produced at a corporate level for employees who prefer step-by-step instructions and tutorials. Employees who favor a formal learning method often like reading directions and following rules.
  • Informal Learning: Individuals who thrive in an informal learning environment often tackle new software with a trial and error approach. These few are not intimidated by new technologies and often like the thrill of learning something through hands-on experience. Being able to share and store user generated interactions in an LMS can provide informal learning benefits by acting as an online repository of employee knowledge.

Providing training material, or using an LMS that has quality tutorials and support services, can appease both types of learners.  Social learning tools are becoming more popular and readily available to provide an engaging online learning environment combining the best elements of both formal and informal learning procedures.

How to Train Employees

Creating training curriculum for your social learning management system offers your employees the freedom to access and utilize the same information, in a supportive setting, at any time. Training employees with this technique enables quick understanding and encourages individuals to execute tasks the right way, the first time.

How to Support Informal Learning

If producing appropriate eLearning material prohibits you from providing training and development for employees, rely on informal learning methods that are readily available through social media communication and search engine tools. This technique can be less intimidating for those who feel empowered by creating their own solutions.

When looking to empower your work force through the use of an LMS,  TOPYX® offers award winning software that benefits corporations, small businesses, organizations, and more. To make informal learning work best for your purposes, you need to get everyone involved. Use an LMS that does not have per user fees or storage fees which prohibit full adoption.

TOPYX is a social learning management system available for teams who desire cohesive understanding of operation tools and training materials. Request a free demo of the TOPYX social LMS and explore the possibility of creating an eLearning environment in which formal training and informal learning coexist.

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