Upgrading Your Pocket Moleskine With A Pen Holder

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The Moleskine Notebook is arguably the most popular notebook in the world today. It boasts of a rich history highlighted by its being a notebook of choice by Ernest Hemingway, Vincent van Gogh, and many other key figures.

The overall quality of the Moleskine notebook is more superior by far than its closest  competitors. It dominates the market and will continue to do so in the coming years to come.

Although it is arguably the best notebook in its class, it would still be useless without its essential partner – the writing instrument like a pen or pencil. And this is where the “shortcoming” of the notebook becomes apparent – the lack of a pen holder.

Quiver Moleskine Pen Holder 300x135 Upgrading Your Pocket Moleskine With A Pen Holder

Quiver – Quality Moleskine Pen Holder

Moleskine003 penholder 150x150 Upgrading Your Pocket Moleskine With A Pen HolderThere are only few companies that cater to this particular need of Moleskine pen holders. Quiver is simply one of the best, if not the best, Moleskine pen holder makers out there. Quiver offers two choices: 1-Pen Holder and 2-Pen Holder. They are made of quality fine leathers to last as long as the memories inscribed in those pages for all eternity.

Quiver – Design Considerations

Moleskine001 penholder 150x150 Upgrading Your Pocket Moleskine With A Pen HolderThe Quiver pen holders are designed with two different shaped openings on either end to address different pen styles. According to Quiver, they ” investigated a large number of pen styles and found some pens are the type with the push button on top of the pen and thus tend to protrude high above the clip so they designed one end of the Quiver pen holder with a lower opening; so with the pen clipped into the Quiver the pen tops won’t protrude above the edge of your notebook.” This design consideration also helps when you have a pen with a long body.

To address another pen style such as the ones with twist-to-extend pen tips, Quiver “designed the other end of the opening to be cut with a much less dropped opening so that once these pens are clipped into the Quiver the bottoms of these pens also won’t extend below the edge of the notebook.”

Moleskine002 penholder 150x150 Upgrading Your Pocket Moleskine With A Pen HolderThe 1-pen Quivers “all have a similar design openings for the same reason so that a very large variety of pen styles will work and look good in the Quiver pen holders.” Both the Quiver 1-pen and 2-pen holders “employ the use of elastic to fit snuggly and securely against the notebook covers; and, to ensure that the notebooks close flat once the pen holder is installed, they ‘skive’ the leather where the elastic is sewn on to remove some of the bulk of the material.”

Highly Recommended Moleskine Pen Holder

If you are looking for a quality and elegant leather pen holder for your Moleskine notebook, take a look first at Quiver Pen Holders before you go anywhere else. This is definitely a Moleskine pen holder that I’d recommend to friends. And just in case you want to know, Quiver ships to 8 countries and three continents.

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