Update from Down Under

I’m sitting in the Toronto airport, waiting for the last leg of my journey home from Australia. I presented and ran workshops at AITD and talked at the Amplify Festival, in addition to taking a few days off and enjoying Sydney. Here are some updates from this week.

nigel and his printer

Nigel Paine with his new printer

While I was in Sydney, Nigel Paine took a few minutes to interview me about Personal Knowledge Mastery, and the 3-minute from scratch audio is available online.

My keynote presentation to AITD is now on slideshare.

You may have noticed my Friday’s Finds post last week, with attribution from the participants on my PKM workshop. It was a fun exercise, taking my two weeks of favourites from Twitter, and then getting the group to decide which ones were worth keeping. I think it was a good exercise on curation in action. I tested out several new exercises, keeping my tradition of perpetual Beta. No two workshops are alike.

I am starting the next PK Mastery workshop this Monday, 26 May, and there will be several participants from Australia, as well as some folks from the UK’s NHS. Please join us, if you want to take control of your professional development.

sydney harbour bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge from North side

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