Update about my LinkedIn account

So after I clicked on delete my account on LinkedIn I realised it wasn’t deleted. It was still there and turning up in Google searches.

Then I got an email from someone in customer support saying my number of connections was too large for the system to delete it automatically, therefore a customer support person had to do it from the backend. And wanted to check if I was really sure if I wanted to delete it.

That made me pause.

Many friends had called me or chatted with me after my last blog post, and one thing stood out when someone said “what will people think if they can’t find you on LinkedIn?”

That was when I realised how much online identities are a part of how people percieve us. Yes I have made judgements when I can’t find people on Facebook and LinkedIn. I assume they are not who they claim to be .. so for that reason alone, I am not proceeding in deleting my LinkedIn account.

But I am not going to be active there. It has no use for me. However that doesn’t mean it’s not useful for you. People with niche skills, you have to be on LinkedIn.

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