UnResolutions for 2010


This year, the HR Twitterverse enjoyed an awesome unconference, HRevolution,  brainchild of Trish McFarlane and  Ben Eubanks.  On his blog, Ben called an unconference “basically a conference with much less formality and structure.”

It’s the time of the year when people traditionally start thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  We’re all acquainted with the short but passionate lives of  many resolutions: what was started with such enthusiasm on January 1 is forgotten weeks later.  Moving into 2010, I’ve decided to have unresolutions.  I’ve come across a few other people doing unresolutions, like Nancy Shanteau or Stephen Shapiro and others,  each with their own unique spin.

My unresolutions will simply be resolutions with “much less formality and structure. ” Some might call them intentions, since it appears that intentions are the new resolutions in the world of goal setting.

My unresolution for this year is to make the absolute best use of a three month paid sabbatical (woot!) I have coming to me. My time off can be used in increments of two weeks, so the sky is the limit! I will travel to exciting places. I will read, I will relax, I will write. I will visit family. I will save time for myself and regardless of my activities, I will savor every minute of the wonderful gift of time.

In addition, though it might sound like I’m working at cross purposes, I am also currently doing some pretty in-depth personal strategic planning.  I will set actual goals (not un-goals) for myself, but to maximize chances of success, they won’t be tied to the calendar year. You’ll be hearing more as the process unfolds.

But for now, what about you? What (un)resolutions, (un)goals or (un)intentions do you have for 2010?

Image credit:  Virginia Zuluaga


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