Unnoticed by the media, Instagram is overtaken by Berlin-based rival EyeEm

A week ago EyeEm ranked no 232 among photo apps. This week it was in the top five, achieving more downloads than Instagram

The other day I posted that the new, improved (on iOS) Flickr and mobile photo network EyeEm were the big winners from the news that Instagram was changing its terms of service.

EyeEm however seems to be doing much, much better than previously thought. In a development overlooked by the tech press, the Berlin based EyeEm came out of nowhere to pass Instagram in the US app charts this week.

Website netzwertig (original article in German) tells us that EyeEm originally benefitted from the news around the Instagram terms of service by taking the no6 spot in the photo / video category in the US app charts on 20 December.

netzwertig says it then sunk back down until it was a lowly 232 in photo and video apps on 12 Jan.

On the Sunday (13 Jan) it suddenly leapt to number nine. Then to number five on Monday. At one point EyeEm was no2 behind YouTube.

As of today (18 Jan) EyeEm is no20 in US free app downloads (overall) while Instagram is no.22.

It’s worth putting this achievement into perspective:

At the same time as major media outlets were covering Instagram's latest numbers announcement without question, a small German company was overtaking Instagram on its home territory.

Not benefitting from Facebook’s millions of $ or acres of previous free publicity, this seems to have been driven by good old fashioned word of mouth, with EyeEm committing the other day to respect the fact that users own their photos.

Indeed, EyeEm is rapidly experiencing the growing pains of a network having seen a sudden influx of new users. Not all members of what used to be a fairly niche community were pleased at the prospect of teens on the network posting so-called ‘selfies’, while EyeEm itself found its servers overloaded earlier in the week.


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