Unlocking The Keys To Becoming A Better Leader For Your Employees

Most people who choose to become leaders do so with the best of intentions because they naturally want to succeed. So why is it still common to hear people saying they left not because of their organization, but because of their boss? That’s the question I get to the heart of with leadership expert Victoria Roos Olsson in this episode of “Leadership Biz Cafe”.

Victoria Roos Olsson is a senior leadership consultant working with FranklinCovey, as well as a keynote speaker and author. She has lead learning and development organisations for large corporations across Europe and the Middle East. In fact, learning is one of her key interests and she loves to learn new things, as well as passing on knowledge to see others grow. She is also the co-author of the book “Everyone Deserves a Great Manager”, which is the focus of this episode.

Among the topics Victoria and I discuss:

  • Why one-on-one meetings are so critical to leadership success – provided you have the right mindset about how you approach them.
  • Five energy drivers leaders can employ to boost their energy in meetings in order to be more present and engaged.
  • The importance of taking not just small breaks, but longer ones during our work week so that we can renew and recharge and really bring our best efforts to our leadership.
  • What signs to look out for to know it’s time to ease off the drive to get things done and take a moment to catch our breaths before that next big wave of demands hits our shore.
  • The truth about current leadership development practices in most organizations today – and how it’s setting up the next generation of leaders to fail.

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