Unionized Apple store wants customers to tip – as firm is told to pay $22m in unpaid wages

First unionized Apple store wants customers to tip staff when buying tech

Staff at Apple’s first unionized store in the US are reportedly in talks to ask customers ‘tip’ staff when paying for goods at the checkout. Staff at Apple’s Maryland branch – which become unionized last year – are said to want a 3-5% gratuity added – or another $59.95 on top of the price of its latest MacBook Air, which retails at $1,199. The Coalition of Organized Retail Employees (CORE), which represents Apple staff, said: “Though we do not see tips as a major way of generating income, we wanted to create an acceptable system that allows the occasional customer the ability to reward our team for their hard work.” It added: “We understand there are a lot of concerns about the culture of tipping as a whole in the US, but there is currently no other mechanism that would work otherwise.” But customers have already taken to social media to vent their ire at the plans. “Tips for what?” said one Twitter user. “Assisting a customer for picking out the latest Apple device? Give me a break.” The Maryland store hit headlines in 2022 when it became the first Apple branch to unionize. The row comes amidst a nationwide backlash over ‘tipflation’ and rising discontent from customers who feel it is they who are having to boost employees’ wages, not the employer itself.

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