UNICEF, Cell Phones and Clean Water

UNICEF, Cell Phones and Clean Water

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Generally, people have at least a vague awareness that much of the world suffers from a lack of clean water.

Ask them and they will say that it is a problem that needs solving, but…

There are many ‘buts’, too busy, lack of time, already committed to other causes, don’t know what to do/how to help, etc.

Here is the question.

If you could help solve this problem by doing nothing would you?

Great, because now you can.

Donating requires only one action from you and that is to download an app to your cell phone.

The organization [UNICEF] has created an app that, when downloaded, measures how long users forgo using their phones. And for every 10 minutes you abstain, you’ll provide water to a child in need for one day.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much money to make a big difference.

Just $5 can provide clean water to someone for 200 days.

And if you don’t carry a cell (like me), you can donate using a credit card or PayPal.

Just think how much good you can do by forgoing your Starbuck’s fix for a few days.
Image credit: UNICEF

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