Unexpected collaborations & interesting outcomes

 Whilst walking on the beach my
friend and I  met this lovely pair of horses. The owner told us that the
lighter coloured one  – who is 7 years old and blind in one eye – was a
recent purchase although they were worried that their existing horses
would not be happy with a young frisky new member of the “family”. The
big surprise therefore was that the oldest horse – the dark one  in the
photo  who is 17 – and the newbie became best pals and are now
inseparable. It appears that the older one calms the younger one down
and the younger one has given the older one a new lease of life.

My friend and I got to chatting about unexpected collaborations where
the most unlikely of people worked well together sparking off 
interesting outcomes.  This often happens more by accident than design
which means that those involved need to have at least their minds open
to opportunities to do things in a different way to see the

However it may be that decisions about team reorganisations or indeed
new appointments are made to accommodate “personality” and
other differences  based on perception of what might not work
when in fact the potential for something new and exciting lies in doing
the opposite.

Can you think of any unexpected collaborations that you can share
with us. Or might you benefit from opening your mind to the possiblity
of working with someone you usually would not choose to to see what
might happen?

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