UK highest % of Euro smartphone adoption, Symbian leads across Continent

Symbian, a name you don’t hear in the news that often, yet according to Comscore it’s still be far the most popular platform for smartphones in Europe, being included on both Nokia and Sony Ericcson devices.

In the five major European markets (Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy and France), Comscore says that Symbian phones have a 61% market share with Apple trailing in distant second with 14.5% – though Apple performs better in both the UK (20.5%) and significantly, France (29.9%).

Meanwhile the UK has the highest % of smartphone adoption with 11.1 million subscribers.  That means that in the UK, smartphone penetration stands at 22.6% of the total (ie 3/4 of the population still uses a plain old mobile), while 3G penetration stands at 41.7%.

31% of people in the UK browsed the Internet on their phones (22% in Europe as a whole), 18% accessed social media (11% in the EU5), while 13.7% of UK mobile phone users accessed the news.

In other words, the nay-sayers who point out that the vast majority of mobile phone users as yet do not use their phones for many of the things they use their PCs for, are of course right.   However, at the same time, the trend is moving in only one direction, with smartphone adoption increasing by 70% in the UK over the past year.

It’s also worth noting that US smartphone usage is very different to that in Europe, with RIM (blackberries) having 41.3% of the US smartphone market, compared to 8.3% in Europe (and 18.7% in the UK).   By comparison, Symbian doesn’t feature in the top five US smartphone platforms.

(Source, Marketing Charts)

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