UK companies lag behind US firms in social media uptake

Over here in the UK we like to imagine that we’re only slightly behind the tech curve compared to the US.

In fact, a study by monitoring company Meltwater and Loudhouse Research (via Communicate Magazine) shows that in some areas we have a lot of catching up to do, with only a third (34%) of UK firms having a formal strategy for “content marketing” compared to 3/4 (73%) of their US counterparts.

Meltwater’s Future of Content survey (download here), says that 24% of UK firms are social media ‘averse’ compared to only 5% of US firms.   Conversely, twice as many US businesses are classed as visionaries compared to their UK counterparts (27% vs 13%).

Overall, the businesses in the countries surveyed (US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Australia) felt most comfortable with fairly standard online channels such as e-newsletters.   At the bottom however was mobile marketing.

Meltwater’s diagram lists mobile as at the bottom in terms of “effectiveness in reaching the target market”.   In fact, worldwide mobile data use is projected to hit 3.5 million terabytes by 2014, the year in which mobile is set to overtake PC Internet use.

One industry sector where the UK is far behind the US is in financial services and banking, see this post from May about the lack of UK banks on Twitter.

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