Twofer Tuesday: Upping Your Email Game, Microaggression and Management

This week for “Twofer Tuesday”, two articles that caught my eye and got me thinking: the first on upping your email game and the other an unflinching look at management as a power relationship. You’ll also find these in our discussion group on LinkedIn. (There is a link at the bottom of this post if you wish to join.)

One Fast Way to Up Your Email Game

Hands up all those who have “inbox zero inbox” at the moment? 

Me neither. 

One reason we’re all time-crunched managers is because we spend hours each day dealing with the mail.

I saw a recent stat from HBR that suggested 11,680 emails are sent to the average worker each year. 


This article is Guy Kawasaki sharing his best tip on how to get emails answered. 

Read: Why Every Email Should Be 5 Sentences Long

What would you add to his “five sentence only” rule?

The Dark Side of Being a Manager

We’ve talked enough about what good management looks like. And I certainly like to believe that I wear a white hat and am a noble guy when it comes to my intentions and my style as a manager.

 And … I know I’ve got a dark side too.

This is a provocative article, looking at microaggression and management. It pulls no punches on what it sees as the constantly manipulation and abuse of power. While I don’t agree with all the details, I do think it’s incredibly useful to make issues of power and control transparent.

In fact, one of the most powerful “social contract” questions (conversations about how we work together, not what we’re working on) that I learned from the great writer Peter Block was this: “How do you feel about the amount of control you have over this relationship?”

Awkward, yes. Powerful, absolutely.

Read the complete article here: Microaggression and Management

What’s useful in this article for you?

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