Twofer Tuesday: On Time and Timing

Here are two articles that caught my eye this week. (See the link at the end to join the conversation on LinkedIn.)

Are you in this time zone? (MST … it’s not what you think)

This is a lovely short article about Middle Class Standard Time, and how we’re always trying to do way too much in the meeting time we have allotted, with five suggestions (I agree with) at the end.

 I think the piece uncovering the values behind MST is particularly smart.

 Got any solid tips on how to make meetings as focused, useful and short as possible?

Read the article: Are You on Middle Class Standard Time?

To whom should you bitch and moan?

Sometimes you just need to get it off your chest. Have a solid moan, a top-class whinge.

But you need to do that to the right person at the right time. And this terrific article will help you figure out who that person is.

 Here’s the essential formula: Comfort in. Dump out.

Read on to learn more: How Not to Say the Wrong Thing


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