Twofer Tuesday: On Morning Rituals & Daily Habits

This week in the Tools for the Time-Crunch Manager LinkedIn group (have you joined yet?!) we discussed ways to set up your day, and then keep it going! Enjoy…

What’s the morning ritual that sets you up for success?

If you’ve even watched Rafael Nadal getting ready to serve, you’ll see he goes through quite the ritual when preparing to serve (here he is taking almost a minute to get ready).

These rituals of preparation can help get your body and mind “into the game” and ready for what needs to be done. In the article below, a number of business owners share how they set up their day.

Take a read, then share any rituals you use to get ready for the day ahead.

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5 proven ways to “level up” as an employee

I’ve mentioned Bill Jensen’s work a few times here – he’s “Mr Simplicity” and always has great perspectives on how to “benevolently hack” the system so you can have more impact and have a better life.

In this short article, Bill draws on a pretty wide range of sources to suggest the 5 best ways for being “a best employee”.

Take a look – and then add your thoughts on what your #6 would be.

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