Twofer Tuesday: On Keeping It Real & Making It Habit Forming

This week, I’ve found two ways to keep your mind trained on your goals — keeping yourself grounded in reality and developing the habits you need to serve you. Without further ado… (Feel free to join our LinkedIn discussion group – the details are at the bottom of this post.)

Is Positive Thinking Leading You Astray?

Here’s a short but useful article that provides some scientific backing to the practice of NOT indulging in fantasies of success not only do not make those successes “manifest” a la The Secret … but my in fact get in the way of success.

Read: The Powerlessness of Positive Thinking

Here’s One Way to Create a Habit

Someone of you might been the 4 million or so who have seen the video of a young woman deciding to learn to dance, and tracking her progress by video over a year. (Here it is, if you missed it.)

A little bit of deliberate practice every day: that’s the secret.

But easier said than done, of course.

Accountability helps, and this is a great site to track your progress by video and make your goal public.



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