Twofer Tuesday: On Keeping Going and Critics

Last week and yesterday, I shared two insightful articles, the first on how to stay resilient, and the second a valuable reminder about critics. Enjoy! I also invite you to join our Tools for the Time-Crunch Manager LinkedIn group.

How to Keep Going When You’re Failing. Or Succeeding.

You’ve probably heard of Elizabeth Gilbert. She wrote Eat Pray Love, which was THE book of 2007. And then a bit of a ho-hum movie with Julie Roberts.

This is a short TED talk – 8 minutes – and it’s a wonderful meditation on the price of failure and success, and who to stay resilient regardless.

Watch: Success, failure and the drive to keep creating

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Always Listen to Critics

One of the things we teach in the Box of Crayons’ Feedback program is that Feedback is not The Truth … it’s just another person’s opinion.

That’s not to say there’s not good stuff there. Often, there is. But it’s all to easy to give up agency in the matter, as if your point of view doesn’t matter and only theirs does. (That said, it’s also all to easy to find any reason whatsoever to dismiss the entirety of someone’s feedback to you, when perhaps there’s a nugget of truth in there after all)

All of which to say, stay open, curious and slightly skeptical about feedback.

To make the point in a way that will make you smile, here’s a fun site with some scathing book reviews of some of the classics.

My favourite? It’s a tough call, but I suspect this one: “Even if you read this book 500 times, it has always the same plot line.”

Which one made you laugh?

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