Twofer Tuesday: On Great Work & Motivation

This week in the Tools for the Time-Crunch Manager LinkedIn group (have you joined yet?!) I shared these great articles on how to find your great work and then how to stay motivated to see it through! Enjoy…

8 Critical Questions that Lead to Great Work

Sure, they call it “finding your passion”. And I’ve never been that “hot” on the whole idea of finding your passion. There are plenty of us in this world – me included – who don’t really resonate with that as a driving force.

But finding your Great Work? Sure.

Here are eight strategies – a fancy word for great questions – that designers and entrepreneurs use to stay focused on the stuff that matters.

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How to Stay Motivated (With Tips From Olympians)

I know we’re in between Olympics right now, with Sochi in the rear view mirror and Rio over a year away…

But can you imagine what it must be like to be an athlete striving to compete? Sure, we get to see the peak moment when they perform. But we don’t see the endless, repetitive, gruelling, ceaseless training that’s been going on for the previous ten, fifteen, twenty years.

So how do they keep getting up each day to do it? Personally, there are days when I can be barely bothered to walk to the fridge, yet alone go out and exercise…

This article from The Atlantic lays out some of the insights and strategies these elite athletes use to stay engaged. And there’s wisdom for us all here.

Anything you’d add?

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