Twofer Tuesday: On Defining & Scaling Excellence

Here are two articles that explore defining and scaling excellence… (See the link at the end to join the conversation on LinkedIn.)

A Riff on One of the Best Coaching Questions Ever

Danielle LaPorte is part of the amazing Great Work MBA faculty (a-hem…. you have registered, yes?) and she does a very good job at asking and provoking and challenging … in a way that feels pretty non-corporate but that is also well grounded in reality.

Here’s a useful article about the powerful of defining “ideal normal”. Which has its roots deep into one of the most powerful coaching questions of all: What do you want?

(I want you to read the article. And sign up for the Great Work MBA. But I digress…)

Read: What Does “Ideal Normal” Look Like For You?

Can You Scale Excellence?

Bob Sutton is a business professor and author of the well-loved The No Asshole Rule. Which as you might be able to guess is about striving for that civil workplace where we’re all treated as the grown-ups we are.

 His new project is a book called Scaling Excellence. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m eager to.

In this article he points to some of the challenges, and whets our appetite. 

Curious to know what you might be trying to scale up right now…

Read: Scaling: The Problem of More 


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