Twofer Tuesday: On Bravery & Making Connections

In the Tools for the Time-Crunch Manager LinkedIn group (have you joined yet?!) I shared these pieces on finding your courage and making connections! Enjoy…

Is It Time to be Brave?

This is just a wonderful video. It’s “long” by internet standards, about 10 minutes or so. But absolutely inspiring and touching.

It tells the story of two women in their 70s plucking up the courage to do something for the very first time. I won’t spoil it by saying more.

(And after you watch it … I’d love to hear what your brave act be today?)

See: Watching These Two Old Women Fly for the First Time is Pure Gold

You Can’t Do Great Work by Yourself

It’s one of the paradoxes of Great Work: if you’re doing it by yourself, it’s probably not Great Work.

But that means getting out and engaging with others. For some of us, that’s easy. The rest of us can struggle a little.

Courtesy of my friend Adam McCormack, here’s a terrific article on the Art of Introductions. It’s a useful and different twist on “networking”. And some of you may be surprised as to where your most useful connections may lie…

Read: There’s Someone I’d Like You to Meet…


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