Twofer Tuesday: On Being You and Doing Great Things

Two brilliant, and highly interrelated, articles caught my eye this week. If you want to join the conversation on LinkedIn, the group details are at the end of this post.

Have you got enough You in the work you’re doing?

I was recently chatting to Daryl Conner who’s one of the ‘godfathers’ of the change management profession. It turned into one of those conversations where we’re both violently agreeing with each other, which is always quite funny to be part of. Both people saying, “I know!”

 It’s no surprise when you read some of his opinions.

Here’s an article from his blog sharing a framework that’s not that dissimilar from the Great Work model.

 Take a look at the last paragraph in particular.

That question – “has exploring who you are been a high enough priority in your professional development agenda?” – is a powerful and useful one for anyone who’s looking to make an impact in the work they do.

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How to do great things

Les McKeown is a friend and mentor to us at Box of Crayons. He’s got a new book coming, and it’s a beauty: Do Leadership.

Here’s a short article from Les that first appeared in Inc. magazine. He offers up five core strategies to do great things (aka Great Work). And of the five, I’d recommend you take a long hard look at number two. Then roll up your sleeves and do it ruthlessly.

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